Beef Jerky

Junior Burger
2008/01/29 11:17:13
What is your favorite kind, frankly I prefer my own. I can't figure if the price for Jerky is an all time rip off, or in line with other snacks. Do you have an online place to order GREAT jerky, as most of the brands around here are so so, and making it myself is a pain.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/29 11:34:16
The best I have found is from Nick’s Meat Market in Hayward, MN. Hayward is just 10-15 minutes East on I-90 off of 35W, I-90 and 35W intersect in Albert Lea, MN. If you are ever heading that way, it’s worth a detour to pick some up. You don’t need directions once you are in Hayward, it’s like two blocks long.

The pieces are huge and have just the right amount of “chew” to them, not overly dry. They've racked up quite of few awards with their jerkey.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/29 11:49:46
There's an outfit in Johnson City Texas called Wittingtons that puts out a really good product. They're about even with the rest of the Jerky market, not the slim jim or pemmican crap but the higher end beef jerky that neither looks nor tastes like cardboard.
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/29 12:47:30
I loved the Hickory Farms jerkey ... flat as a piece of paper .. dry .. amazing flavor and long chew .. very expensive but always worth the $$ IMO
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/29 13:07:52
look no further:

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/29 13:24:36
I buy this:
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/30 10:32:58
My sister and her boyfriend enjoy the jerky from New braufels Smokehouse.You can get the beef in various flavours,plus pork and turkey jerky.I plan to go up there next month and ship them some for Valentine's Braunfels is only up the road about 12 miles,but working two jobs,i rarely get up there.
Junior Burger
RE: Beef Jerky 2008/01/30 11:02:32
Thanhs all, I ordered 2 lbs of the gary west, $26.00lb., not bad. Thanks Bill Voss!
Junior Burger
RE: Beef Jerky 2009/08/07 12:52:58
Hickory Farms was my all time favorite when it was those really dry sticks. Loved how it would snap off and you could put it on your pocket and it would be great the next day. I dculd not find it any more so I started my own brand. 
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