Chicken Wings

Fire Safety Admin
2008/01/31 18:22:01
I did my own version of chicken wings this evening. I got off a flight this mornign from Des Moines and I was tired. I got home and I was hungry and so was my ugly dog.

I had some whole chicken wings that were thawed and needed attention.

I popped those babies in some batter that I had that were seasoned highly with salt, pepper and other neat stuff.

I heated up the lard (LARD) , yest I said lard and fried those babies in the batter that I had dipped in batter and then dipped in flour with spices.

It came out with a huge crust. My ugly dog and my self enjoyed the results.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/01/31 20:40:31
Paul, I hope ugly dog dosen't eat the bones. Sounds simple and good.
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/01/31 23:21:08
Sounds Great!!!!
about LARD I use LARD for my fried chicken and after every use I strain it with a fine strainer and it stays in fridge till next fry....and keeps forever well a long time I guess. My oldest son set my LARD pail aka chicken grease out of fridge for some stupid reason that stuff was gold I had over a year and a 1/2 on it for the past 20 years I've taken a cup of of the old LARD and added with the new batch I change out every 2 years.
sorry for posting here but as soon as I seen LARD I had to vent.
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/01 00:00:38
My wife makes a wing she calls Chinese Chicken wings made with white wine,spices and soy sauce that steals the show at any party> We're having it for the Giant Victory Party Sunday!
John A
Filet Mignon
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/01 06:55:09
Wings sound great Paul. I too use lard, in fact I do a 50/50 mix of lard and bacon grease for burgers
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/01 14:31:43
Paul, your chicken wings sound like they were delicious. I absolutely LOVE the way food tastes fried in lard.

On another note, I wish you would post a picture of that ugly dog of yours. I would like very much to see it. My dog is not exactly a beauty either, but she makes up for it with a really bossy attitude.

Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/01 15:00:59
Fresh, white lard and fried chicken skin..the perfect combo. Great looking dog!
Junior Burger
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/04 01:42:37
Lard! Bravo!. There is nothing better than the golden hue that frying in lard or beef tallow imparts. I was in London over the holidays and found a fish n chip shop that still fries in beef tallow called the Fryer's Delight. Everything that came out of that fryer was delicious.
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/17 06:15:30
Nothing like health food!
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/17 07:43:13
And THAT IS nothing like health food. As my wife says,why is everything that is so delicious NOT good for you????
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/02/17 10:02:06
Nothing is good for you. Not even the water. Just eat what tastes good. Nothing like trying to live on some health diet to find out you get cancer, have a car incident or even a plane wrecks into your home.

Just eat well. Screw the health diet stuff!

Originally posted by leethebard

And THAT IS nothing like health food. As my wife says,why is everything that is so delicious NOT good for you????
Junior Burger
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/03/14 16:13:32
I cook my Wings in a Wok with Peanut Oil.They always come out crispy on the outside,and juicy on the inside.I add just a bit of Cayenne,Onion Powder,and Paprika.

My husband makes a sauce with Dave's Insanity Sauce.Jesus!I just like mine plain with Ranch Dressing.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/04/01 14:34:09
I get the wings when I go to a Japanese steak house near here... they use just the "drummies", cut a slit in either side (almost a butterfly type cut), then deep fried extra-crispy after a light coating of tempura batter. I like to dip them in wasabi and soy sauce mixed together. Incredible.

When I make them myself, I just use butter, RedHot, garlic, black pepper, and some curry and ginger powders for the sauce (light on the curry, it'll stain your fingers when you eat).
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/04/04 22:44:19
A bunch of us boys were whooping it up in one of the Yukon halls.
It was draft beer and chicken wing day.
Usually, never look at the menu, just a order of Hot Buffalo wings and cold mug of draft, please.

Today! while waiting my buddies arrival, I decided to read the menu like a novel.
Hmmmm! Jerk chicken wings, never tried them before.

Gross!!! and I believe one habenero pepper too many.

There is some spice in Jerk sauce that over powers the taste buds.
Any idea, what it is?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicken Wings 2008/04/06 22:21:11
Doug, that would probably be cloves...too much and it ruins it..