Happy Joe's & Harris Pizza

Junior Burger
2008/01/31 20:39:31
Does anyone out there love Happy Joe's and Harris pizza as much as I do?? Both are located in Davenport, Iowa (and around the Quad Cities area). To me Happy Joes have the best Taco Pizza while Harris has the best sausage and mushroom!
RE: Happy Joe's & Harris Pizza 2008/02/10 15:40:44
I recall Happy Joes from living in Grinell.
Its one of those regional businesses that hasn't been able to successfully expand. On the south side of Milwaukee is a former Happy Joes (the distinctive exterior is the giveaway) but it has not been a Happy Joes since the mid-80s.
Junior Burger
RE: Happy Joe's & Harris Pizza 2008/02/18 16:38:40
for my money, the real king of "Quad-Cities-style" pizza is Frank's pizza in Silvis, Illinois (and now Bettendorf).

Happy Joe's is an ok enough place -- but despite its idiosyncratic toppings (like Taco Pizza), it really isn't something new. It's just a typical midwest-style thin-crust (like in St. Louis or Chicago) pizza with unusual topping choices.

However, Frank's and Harris' pizza are an entirely different animal: their delicious, bread-like think crust pizza is similar to the thin crust pies made in NY and the east coast, but the way they cut their pies, and -- especially -- the way the sausage is appled in an even layer -- make them a unique style of pizza that I've never seen anywhere else in the U.S.

They really merit a visit from Jane & Michael -- and perhaps some investigation on how this style of pizza was born.