Fire responders

2008/02/04 21:18:58
I know this has probably been discussed, but it's funny to me how, until the last couple of years, most hot stuff would produce an almost immediate sweat response for me, mostly the top and back of my head, although different peppers would make me sweat in various regions of my pointy head. But, this is not happening anymore, since I've been eating serranos every day, maybe Tabasco, too. Habaneros are still a bit much, have to be careful with them. Also keep sour cream and a glass of milk, or even ice cream at hand when I tread into that territory.
But another question, beyond the sweating thing, is: Do others get the rush of natural pain killer effect that I do? Endorphins? I burn my tongue with hot stuff, and I feel pretty good for a while, it's like a shot of morphine.
-Scott Lindgren
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: Fire responders 2008/02/04 21:23:10
Scott; Dearfolk,
This is why some Mexican restaurants serve sherbert as an adjunct to their foods. I haven't seen it here, but a friend of mine told me about encountering it in D. C. and Virginia.
Is this a regional (American) variant, or is it due to a custom in a particular region of Mexico? I grow more curious as I peck this out....
Quizadillianly, Ort. Carlton in 30601-Central.
RE: Fire responders 2008/02/04 21:41:54
Nah, sherbet won't put out the fire, you need the dairy.
RE: Fire responders 2008/02/06 12:38:05
I have had very good luck with a Mexican brand of soda sold in small, tall glass bottles that comes in a variety of interesting flavors, and all made with real sugar, by the way, not corn syrup. A cold "Tamarind" flavor pop works for me to quell the heat.
Filet Mignon
RE: Fire responders 2008/02/07 13:16:54
Sour cream.
RE: Fire responders 2008/02/07 13:56:06
Ort, sherbert used to be a standard thing in Texas. It was included w/ the meal. Something changed. I think it was a great way to end a Mexican food dinner. I would also be interested in the history and origins of that. Tator Tots and Frito Pie are also on my wana know history list. Im not convinced with Oridas story about tha tots.

A friend of mine and I used to eat raw cayenne peppers from his dads garden, and chase that with raw eggs. The eggs were the only thing that worked on those peppers. Oh, and maybe a little wisky... or was that before we started eating the peppers and eggs? And oh, CK we tried milk and sour cream to no avail. I know they work on some stuff though.