Lobster roll resturant in Long Island"LUNCH"?

2008/02/06 10:46:26
I have been going out to the north fork of Long Island for the past 5 years and driven by this place several times. It is not until I have been on this site and thought about it. I will not be out there again until the spring. I was wondering if anybody has been there. I looke on the web site www.lobsterroll.com.(there are 2 sites (northfork/southfork)-both are easy to get to.Thanks for the heads up>
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Lobster roll resturant in Long Island"LUNCH"? 2008/02/06 10:52:18
This place appeared in the Stern's old Eat Your Way Across the USA book. I have never been there myself, but those I know who have really enjoyed the place. I do hear they get absolutely mobbed, though.
Junior Burger
RE: Lobster roll resturant in Long Island"LUNCH"? 2008/02/25 19:14:28

Lunch is very overated. I have been to the ones on both the North Fork and the South Fork. Expensive, trying to appeal to the tourists in both spots.

Across the street from Lunch on the South Fork is a great seafood shack. Get the Lobster culls.