Original Tommy's

2008/02/06 10:57:47
Looking at the wonderful photo of the In-N-Out double double got me to thinking about burgers in LA. As much as I love In-N-Out, the first burger I want when I visit LA is one from Tommy's, a place rarely mentioned here.

Eating one of these gut grenades


is best achieved by doing the LA version of the South Philly 'lean'.
Slim Strummer
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/02/06 11:24:19
The original "Chili Size". A huge delicious mess of a burger. Love that place (the original site near Western Ave.)
Junior Burger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/06/07 20:40:10
I am a huge fan of Tommy's Orignal Chili Burgers. Tommy's is a L.A. institution. The first location at Beverly & Rampart is the best. Nothing like eating a Tommy's Double Chili burger at 3AM off the tailgate of your pick-up truck.

In my opinion, Tommy's has In & Out beat hands down (but you have to eat the right off the grill, can't bring em home)
Junior Burger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/06/10 16:41:11
Tommy's is great. I hadn't been in a while and made it a required stop on a recent trip to LA. I was a little shocked to see that they now serve breakfast..yes WITH chili on everything. I'd have to be pretty hung over!
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/06/26 14:23:45
I'm in San Diego on business this week. Happened to read this topic and linked to Tommy's site. There's a Tommy's in San Diego, and thanks to GPS I found a great spot for a burger. You guys were right, this place tops In & Out. I had the double chili burger with all the toppings, chili, cheese, mustard, pickles, tomatoes and onions. The burger is now one of my all time favorites. I'm a big HotDog lover so I had to try the Chili Cheese dog also. It was great, same toppings. I'm not a big fan of the salad dog (Chicago) so I peeled off the tomato and pickles. Great dog, and super chili. Not too spicy, but real thick and meaty. Thanks for the tip.
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/06/26 17:34:00
In the 70's, drink many beers, smoke much loco weed, Tommy's on Wash. Blvd, double cheese, chili...nirvana!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/07/31 19:33:57
Whereas many of L.A's burgers are good, but not any better than good burgers anywhere else; the original Beverly and Rampart location of Tommy's is a genuine Roadfood institution. The smell of grilling meat outdoors, the ritual of hovering over a chest-high counter lined with "restroom" style paper towel holders, hunched over in a sort of "Chicago Italian Beef" stance as to not slop the smooth, well seasoned chili on your clothing, makes for an urban food orgy comparable with any in this country.

In the 80's my buddies and I one time crammed into a friend's Ford Pinto, and drove all night from the Bay Area to go to Tommy's, armed only with courage fueled by several cases of Miller Beer. Crazy fun times.
Junior Burger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/08/05 06:42:02
I loved going there when i was a kid. huge fan of their fries.
Junior Burger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/08/20 15:18:04
Tommy's is just great. I love that melt-in-your-mouth burger/chili/soft bread creation. It sucks living so far from there!
Junior Burger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/09/08 15:55:13
Tommy's is a great chili burger but it is a different animal then In n Out. Without the chili I think In n Out is better, they are both great but serve a different taste. Tommys is great on a cold rainy day, double chili cheese with extra chili and onions. In n Out double double animal style, also great. I would love to see In n Out have a chili burger option.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/09/08 16:03:38
Yes, but without the chili, it wouldn't truly be an Original Tommy's! Good point about different tastes though.
Filet Mignon
RE: Original Tommy's 2008/09/08 16:10:15
Since this thread got bumped up...

RE: Original Tommy's 2008/10/04 18:15:09
Since the late 60s I've eaten numerous times at the original Tommy's on Beverly, they are okay but the original Fat Burger on 23rd and Western back in the day before they went franchise beat Tommy's at their own game by far. The Fat Burger chili burger was twice the size of a Tommy's add a fried egg and it was like heaven. Fat Buger made hand pounded patties on the spot before throwing them down on the grill, hence the name but when the founders retired and the children took over, they went downhill fast so yes, nowadays Tommy's chili burgers are best but back in the day, not even close, Fat Burger by a mile

Many angelenos didn't go to the original Fat Burger because it was in the "ghetto", then they opened the 2nd spot on St Vicente and La Cienaga in West Hollywood/Fairfax in the early 70s

See my Fat Burger post in the hamburger forum for a complete history of the legendary burger joint