Pschitt soda !

2008/02/10 00:35:40
For years we've joked about this soda, since a visit to France. It's pronounced as if the "P" weren't there. It's sort of like Orangina,but worse...appropriate for a soda with this name!
I was told the name comes from the sound you get when opening the can or bottle...not a review of the taste.
But guess the possibilities for ads in this country if a smart business type bought the american rights to this French Soda....are you thinking of a few???
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RE: Pschitt soda ! 2008/02/10 08:00:49
This is some Pschitt!

RE: Pschitt soda ! 2008/02/10 08:05:04
That's the spirit!!! Picture a beautiful girl ,coming out of the's a hot day...she looks into the camera..and says..."OOOOhhh, I'm sooooo hot. I need a BIIIGGGGG Pschitt right about now". Oh the possibilites. It's a gold mine. would buy it like crazy. After all they drink Mountain Dew!
mayor al
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RE: Pschitt soda ! 2008/02/10 08:20:55
You guys may be describing a beverage, but you are bordering on the limits of "good taste" here (pun intended). If you cross the line the thread will disappear.
RE: Pschitt soda ! 2008/02/10 09:09:34
Not meant to be in bad taste...Please keep it in the spirit it was intended. Has anyone besides me tried it????? The Real bad taste is in the soda!