Samuel Smith Beer

2008/02/10 08:09:07
How many of you have tried Samuel Smith beer from England? My brother-in-law out in Denver says it's the BEST beer in the world,I've tried their amber and I agree.Expensive,but worth a try. If you can find it,give it a shot. WOW
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RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 10:35:15
It is served on tap at Longfellows Wayside Inn Sudbury Ma.
They also serve Americas oldest cocktail the Coow-Woow, a good drink to celebrate Patriots Day. Chow Jim
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RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 10:40:59
Yes, Samuel Smith is very good beer! I drank the nut brown ale (or something with a name like that) and it was delicious. My personal favorites are Czechvar and Paulaner hefeweizen.
RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 10:43:19
Glad you are enjoying it but I have no idea which beer you are drinking as they do not brew an "amber." My guess is that it is the Nut Brown Ale or the Old Brewery Pale Ale.

If you like Samuel Smith's, be sure and try beers from Fuller's.
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RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 11:23:06
Fullers London Porter and Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout - 2 of my all time favorites.
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RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 11:41:01
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Taddy Porter are 2 of my favorite beers. I can't think of any darker beers I like more. For an English Pale Ale, Bishop's Finger was my favorite although I haven't seen in New Jersey for a good few years. Does anyone know where it is available?
RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 11:43:44
If you like a strong stout you have to try
their Imperial Stout. It is luscious!
RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/10 17:22:53
You are right. I misspoke...It is the Nut brown I had. Delicious!!!!
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RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/11 13:33:51
I've had Samuel Smith's Nut Brown and Taddy Porter. Delicious.
RE: Samuel Smith Beer 2008/02/11 16:23:47
With all the microbrews out there, both domestic and import, I find Sam Smith's to be a little expensive, although it's an excellent beer. At times, it can be found on sale, in which case I pick up some bottles and savor their dark beers. The Taddy Porter, however, is my measuring stick to which I measure all other Porters. Rare that one is found to be as good. I've found other beers that equal or surpass (IMO) their other beers, but the Taddy Porter is tough to beat. In fact, most of their heavy beers, like the Imperial Stout and Oatmeal Stout are hard to beat, so it can be worth the extra expense. On the other hand, I find their Lager, Nut Brown, Pale and India Pale Ales to be very good, but surpassable by several beweries, and that's not even comparing value, which I don't think their lighter beers are a good value; of those, however, I'd pick the Nut Brown and find some other English and India Pale Ales and Lagers.