Keeping Chowders warm

2008/02/11 08:38:36
I love to make chowders and cream based soups but I was wondering if it will break down if kept warm in a crock pot? I'd like to serve it at an event so it will be mostly all day in the crock pot or roaster. I don't want it to get scummy or the butter to separate from the cream making it a thin soup. Thanks for your advice
RE: Keeping Chowders warm 2008/02/11 08:46:57
Kept warm in a bain-marie and stirred every 15-20 minutes; you should have no problems.
RE: Keeping Chowders warm 2008/02/11 08:53:54
Ahhha yes, a water bath. Thanks for reminding me. I just didn't want to pay a of $$$$ for one of those soup kettles that you see at all of the buffets.