Hey! Where Did My RC In Bottles Go!?!

2008/02/13 21:07:27
I was ordering RC Cola in glass bottles, and made with cane sugar, from a beverage site on the net. Loved it! Worth every penny!

I went to re-order, and was told there was no more. All I could find out was that it had been bottled at a plant in California, and that it had stopped production because of a lawsuit, concerning the contents of the paint of the embossed logo. At least that was the store's version.

Yet, when I check the few bottles I have left, it says bottled under the authority of "Dr. Pepper/7 Up INC., Plano Texas", but the writing on the bottle cap, is all in spanish. Nothing about California.

I can't seem to find any information on the net. Help anyone?
Thanks as always!