Ice House Inn

2008/02/17 04:13:10
5516 W Webb Rd, Austintown, OH330-544-8800 (Youngstown Area)

I stop into this place alot. As there is a truck stop next door and I drive a truck.

The wife and I love this place.

NOW NOTICE. The rest rooms are VERY small and not the cleanest. I really do not see how they could be anymore clean for the use they get.

The owner is a big man that is hands on.

The staff are always freindly.

This is a Blue color bar/grill setting. Nothing to have a live band playing.

Plenty of sit down eatting area. Even an out side pavilion for smoking.

The food is dang good in my book for a tavern.

The prices are very fair.

The wings, I would say they are up there on some of the best in the country.

The Friday Fish, all you can eat! It is dang good.

Almost every day they have a all you can eat deal. I think Sat. Is all you can eat Crab legs and Sunday is all you can eat wings!

They have a buger that is you can eat it, the frys and I think the salad is free!

I would say it is a place to stop in. Do not let the first apperance of the building scare you. The inside is nice, but IT IS A TAVERN! Not a fancy sit down joint. The food is good!
RE: Ice House Inn 2008/02/17 08:47:45
ann peeples
RE: Ice House Inn 2008/02/17 08:59:10
Sounds like a great place! Menu looks good.This probably should be under the lunch/dinner forum..This forum is to discuss beverages.Just a friendly fyi!
RE: Ice House Inn 2008/02/17 09:00:25
Well, It is a bar! 18 beers on tap. I kinda thought beverages would be the place for it.
ann peeples
RE: Ice House Inn 2008/02/17 09:09:58
I understand your thinking...