North-Central Kentucky

2003/03/20 19:28:25
I'm heading south (Northern Kentucky) for Easter
I've noted the selection in Shelbyville, and Lynn's Paradise
in Louisville. What other selections are recommended for
Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington areas ?
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: North-Central Kentucky 2003/03/20 19:52:03
In Louisville, you ought to go to[url='']Kaelin's[/url], at least as much for the fried chicken as the famous cheeseburger. In Lexingon, Loudon Square Buffet is a southern classic; and in Frankfort, there's a diner -- maybe called the Frankfort Diner -- that used to be wonderful (when we were there about 10 years ago). Don't know if it's still there, or still good, but I recollect that it's on a main road through town and easy to stumble across.

Let us know what you find...
mayor al
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RE: North-Central Kentucky 2003/03/20 21:18:40
OH Boy, You asked for it !!! Here are a few to warm up your appetite.
In Frankfort, The Capital BBQ on Rt 127s is just fine. call for hours, If I remember right they have an unusual time schedule?? But worth a stop.
On the east side of Louisville (near I-71 and I-265-the Gene Snyder Freeway ) isJucy's Smokehouse BBQ (7626 Hiway 146, Peewee Valley) Use the rt 146 ramp off the freeway and turn left (east) on 146. It is short distance on the right. Very good ribs and pork, in a "primitive atmosphere"..not expensive.
For a far above average roadfood diner go to GENNY'S at 2223 Frankfort Ave in Louisville. Nothing special to look at, but serves great omlets, a Monster Burger, Fried Pickles, and a bunch of other roadfood specialties. Not expensive, Again worth a several mile side trip.
I can add a couple more if you you give me some preferences.
RE: North-Central Kentucky 2003/03/20 22:57:10
I Knew what I was doing when I asked that question ...
I was thinking Claudia Saunder's for Easter, But I'd like to Poke around Louisville
and swing east before the Derby heats up. Couple days here, couple days there ...
So I'll listen to all suggestions ... Tennative aggenda ... Carollton, Shelbyville,
Bardstown, Frankfort, and maybe end up in Berea then back home & go back to work
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: North-Central Kentucky 2003/03/21 06:13:31
Piggy, M'Boy, Let the Ole' Mayor work his magic y'hear!
First of all, be sure to make reservations for the Dinner House for Easter Sunday.It does get busy after church there. But if a good buffet is your desire, then it is as good as any in the area. You can order off the menu also.
In Berea,KY the Daniel Boone Tavern continues to be a high spot in the hills south of Lexington. Read Stern's review in most of their books. Things remain as they describe them.
In LaGrange KY, just a short distance off of I-71, There is a BBQ place on the main street of town, amidst all the antique stores in the 'Historic' district. Sorry I can't recall the name, but it is a storefront, and serves some excellent ribs and sandwiches. I like LaGrange because the railroad runs right down the Main Street, in front of the Court House, so you can sit in the window of the BBQ place, enjoying a light meal, and watch the CSX compete with cars for space on the street. FUN
Enjoy your visit. We returned to this area here from SoCal 3 years ago and really enjoy the Louisville area. BTW The ideal game for the NCAA Championship this year will be Kentucky vs. Louisville, with Louisville winning !!
RE: North-Central Kentucky 2003/03/21 21:18:13
Reservations it is for Easter, thank you for the heads up. I actually found that place through
a CCVB web page about a week prior to your posting on Roadfood ... Thank you !
Lynn's Paradise Cafe is calling me ... I like off beat places you tend to remember
La Grange and CSX & Honda's does sound like my idea of fun ...
It's hard for me NOT to visit Kentucky w/o Berea, and the Boone Tavern. I remember , maybe 25+ years ago, as a teenager, Thanksgiving Dinner, Sportcoat, with the sleeves longer than my arms,
I've only been back 6 or 8 times since ...