International buffet/cookbook/fundraiser/etc

Filet Mignon
2008/02/20 20:19:42
When I was in college (ancient times) my sorority used to have an International Buffet for charity each year where each sorority member made a dish from her nationality and then we served them all for maybe $5 or $10 entrance fee (ancient times). Since I went to college in NYC there was real diversity in the foods: Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Polish, French, German, Asian, etc.

When my niece was in elementary school each child contributed an ethnic family recipe and they sold cookbooks as a fund raiser.

In my daughter's middle school each month a differentr teacher brings in an ethnic dish for a faculty luncheon. They also are planning a soup fundraiser where children will bring in a soup of their ethnic background.

Have any of you particiapted in similar activities?
Filet Mignon
RE: International buffet/cookbook/fundraiser/etc 2008/02/23 10:09:35
I'm surprised that no one joined in on this. In fact, in Santa Fe where we are right now, a local church is having an International Luncheon (fundraiser)today: Ukranian, Ethiopian and Indian foods.
RE: International buffet/cookbook/fundraiser/etc 2008/02/23 10:16:19
I teach at a Jersey,and last year we had a cook book of teacher recipes we sold as a fundraiser. My wife and I contributed two recipes and we still get comments from people who have tried and loved my wife's Japanese Chicken wings and my Mom's Swiss-Pasta dish. I'm surprised more people don't do this. Imagine a roadfooder's cook book!!!!!!?????