Costco Pie's

2008/02/20 21:25:44
I have a lot hate with Costco pies. Man, everytime I'm there a pie looks good. They all look good! Then I'm home with a 5lb pie. Some are really really good, I think some are terrible. In my opinion the Apple Pie dreadful, just bad. It's a runny, soggy mess everytime. The Berry Pie and Banana Cream are really good. How about some other opinions and/or suggestions.
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/02/21 10:38:08
Forget the costco pie/get the gigantic chocolate cake(15 buck-it is great)-and the Birthday cakes are great from there as well(15bucks)
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/02/21 10:43:56
The pecan is good. Heat it a little in the oven before serving. Good either way.
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/02/21 10:44:13
Peach pie is wonderful.
Personally, I can't stand the banana cream. It's way too banana paste heavy.
We, however, had a different result from the apple pie, it was not runny nor at all. In fact, since they used fresh apples, the apples actually had a little bit of crisp in them. (Pentagon City Costco).

RE: Costco Pie's 2008/02/29 16:14:10
I like their apple,just a bit too much sugar on the crust...BUT their pumpkin Pie is perfect. We stopped trying to beat it...and buy all our holiday pumpkin pies from them....and it's hard to make one at their prices!
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/03/06 05:07:59
Our Costco makes great apple pies. The pumpkin pie is very good. One Thanksgiving we had an assortment of pumpkin pies from various bakeries, Costco included. I took a small slice from all of the different pies. I have to admit, I thought they would all taste about the same, but the Costco one stood out as the best tasting. I also love their Key Lime Pie even though it's not a traditional key lime pie. I hesitate to buy it because I start eating the whole thing. Besides, it lists too many artificial ingredients which I try to avoid.

The one dessert I did not like was their Tiramisu. It is way too heavy. I tried a slice and ended up dumping the rest.
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/03/06 07:56:24
If only Costco could learn how to make a bagel!!!
mayor al
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/05 21:49:07
Costco Pies ranked in order of my preference
1. Pecan... I have yet to have a bad experience with their Pecan Pie. Huge and less than $10, It is a great Bargain!
2. 3 Berry, sometimes called Razzleberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and strawberry all in one. great fruit pie !
3. Apple. We like the Apple Crumb topped better than the two-crust. But the filling is always good.
4. Cherry. We have to split this with one of my kids or freeze about half of it when we get one. I run out of 'desire for cherry pie' before I run out of pie in this case!
5. Coconut Cream. They make a very good Coconut Cream. Luckily we can freeze individual pieces, so one pie can last us a couple of weeks!
6. They are selling a double rich Chocolate Cream Pie right now at Costco here. We haven't tried it yet...but the bakery manager gave us a 'sample' the other day and just about sold us on getting one soon!

Oh Yeah, I like their plain Cheesecakes too! (and all the birthdays warrent a Costco Cake !!)

Pies are near the top of my list of reasons I keep my Costco Membership current. I wish they would sell pie "by-the-slice" at the snack bar with the Polish Dogs !!
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/06 13:21:09
I wonder how much these pies vary from Costco to Costco...Our pies are basically great!!!Does Costco have some kind of quality control, or do they even care if their products are made exactly the same, store by store? Anyone know their corporate philosophy?
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/07 07:16:22
I avoid that section of the warehouse at all costs.
I live by myself and when I do bring one of those scrumptious confections home it's bar the doors Kattie.
I could tear through one of them in two days. I love a slice of apple pie for breakfast.
On occasion I do go for the smaller version of the 3 or 4 berry pie from the frozen section of the grocery store. Marie Callenders, a good product for me anyway. Smells great when cooking, and I don't feel guilty when it dissapears in 2 days. Chow Jim
mayor al
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/09 06:28:28

I know what you mean about overdoing it with those large Costco Pies! We do our best to divide them up for freezer-storage of the majority as soon as we get them home!
Marie Callendars was another weak spot for us. We lived fairly close to one of their Restaurant/Bakeries in SoCal. Most of the year we could resist the pies as 'not part of the food budget'. However, in February each year M.C.'s has their $5 pie sale. Any of the stores whole pies for $5. I hate to tell you how many times we would leave the bakery counter with half-dozen full-sized pies in their boxes! The Chocolate Silk was a favorite of Janets, While for me the Razzleberry, Lemon Cream, and Coconut Cream (and French Apple) were repeat purchases!

I would pass up the most attractive piece of cake to get a piece of day-old pie (most of the time)!!
ann peeples
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/09 07:13:18
My cousin swears by the Costco pies.We have yet to venture to the newly built Costco-(about 30 minutes away)but from the sounds of what you all are saying, its well worth the trip!
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/09 07:21:10
My Costco (Fresno, CA) has great pies.. and what a bargain.. for often less than the price of a non-sale Marie Callendar Pie, I get a HUGE pie for a small price... especially their pumpkin for 5.99 and the strawberry rhubarb at 6.99.. I wasn't even a fan of strawberry rhubarb pies until Costco..
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/09 20:38:28
Today (6/9) is the start of the new bakery pie menu...We want to get over to Costco and get a Three-berry pie ASAP.

Anne if you go to a Costco be sure to look closely at the bakery goods. In addition to the pies the Muffins are excellent and freeze well, so buying a dozen is not a waste. The Apple Crumb are our favorite of the muffin choices. We really like the Roasted Garlic Italian Bread also. Chewly as can be, but great stuff.

We do the grandkid birthday cakes there also. One day notice for a very nicely personalized sheet cake for $15 is a real bargain.
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/09 21:43:10
The chocolate muffin is to die for,too!!!
RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/10 15:15:08
Originally posted by annpeeples

My cousin swears by the Costco pies.We have yet to venture to the newly built Costco-(about 30 minutes away)but from the sounds of what you all are saying, its well worth the trip!

first, I suggest looking into whether or not it's worth it to you to become a member. It may be worth the trip for just the pie, but unless you're a member, you can't buy the pie.
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RE: Costco Pie's 2008/06/10 15:38:50
I keep away from the bakery section too. I shop at BJs.
In my house, shop in bakery bulk food equals eat in bakery bulk food.
I heard the pumpkin pie at BJs is fantastic.