Dale and Thomas Popcorn

2008/02/22 16:46:12
This is a newer company in Englewood, NJ-the popcorn is verygood. There are many strange(but good)flavors-take a look at the site. Mail order is good. I work in Englewood so a few stores carry the popcorn. www.daleandthomaspopcorn.com
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RE: Dale and Thomas Popcorn 2008/02/22 17:04:47
Be sure to click on the "Our Brands" section, because they also market (at retail) Lily Popcorn Movie Theater Popcorn in Northern New Jersey. While it does not have the intense fake butter flavor (or palm oil) of old-time theater popcorn, it is better for you because it is only contains corn, canola oil, butter, and salt. No Trans-fats. I found that it had a one month shelf-life after opening the bag, which surprised me.