Newark, NJ

Junior Burger
2008/02/23 17:48:22
I have a work trip approaching and will be in Newark for a few nights. I can LIVE on pizza, so looking for any input from the local area on decent pizza.

The only problem is.... I will be working most of the time, and even when back at the hotel I'll be connected to work, so going out isn't an option. So, am looking for a place that delivers to the airport area. I MUCH prefer a thin crust, good sausage, and generous mushrooms!

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated. If there'a place that doesn't deliver, but I shouldn't miss, still let me know. Never know, I may wrap up the job and have a spare evening before heading home.


(I may also be in NYC either just before or after, but is not settled yet, so will do a seperate post if it happens and I know about where I will be staying)
Junior Burger
RE: Newark, NJ 2008/02/24 03:06:06
If you have access to a car, by all means jump in and go to Spirito's in Elizabeth. I grew up in Elizabeth and still drive back every couple of months to go to Spirito's. It's about 10 minutes from the airport. Their pizza is to die for. There are no better raviolis on the planet. I could drink their sauce. Don't ask for butter or a dessert menu. I've been going there for nearly 30 years and my parents have gone there since the 50s when a pizza was 75 cents and we've never had a bad experience.

I'm not sure of many great pizza places in Newark, but Elizabeth is home to quite a few. If you're staying at a hotel near Elizabeth, maybe see if Michelino's delivers there. It might be a long shot but it's worth a try. Great thin crust pie. Tell them well done. Another option is Tommy's Pizza which is in North Elizabeth not too far from the airport. They also deliver.

I can and do live on pizza myself and think some of the best around is in this area. If you need any more advice, I'd be happy to assist.

big g in joisey
RE: Newark, NJ 2008/02/24 06:34:32
Dickie Dee's on Bloomfield ave in Newark serves a great sausage pie,
they also serve a great Italian hotdog, I hope that you can make it to their pizzeria. The Dugout pizzeria in the Ironbound section of Newark serves a great thin crust pizza, but if you can't get out of the airport your best bet for delivery would be as NJskeeter said Tommy's in Elizabeth, they serve a great thin crust pie, anyway best of luck on your trip and hope you get a chance to try some of Newark/Elizabeths best.
Junior Burger
RE: Newark, NJ 2008/02/24 14:44:33
Thanks for the input! I'll know where I'm staying soon, so will clarify once I know to narrow it down. It is also still a possibility of going to NY instead, or in addition to, and will be the SoHo area (I am told, no clue what that is).