Junior Burger
2008/03/01 04:13:00
Hi new here. i have just recently gotten into soup. And finding out that my Dutch Oven is the perfect device to make soup I have been making quite a few soups this winter. I do make Chili about once a month in it but I also have made a delicious Chicken broth based French Onion Soup.
But my favorite so far that I have made is Chicken and Dumplings with chicken thighs and spatzel style dumplings (not the big biscuit mix type or the square noodles but small dumpling formed by pushing wet dough through a colander) It is very good and full of little dumplings.
RE: Soup 2008/03/01 08:37:20
Welcome to Roadfood....I think you'll find a lot of great people, recipes etc.....please share any recipes you have, especially for the of my pet peeves is too much I look forward to reading your suggestions.
RE: Soup 2008/03/01 09:05:36
Yes, welcome. We soup lovers wouldn't mind some recipes.