Pork Tenderloin Decadence

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/03/03 19:00:38
Pork Tenderloin Decadence

This is not a gourmet dish, but it is very simple and highly delicious. One might even call it addictive. Here is how it goes:

Cook a pork tenderloin by your favorite method to about 150 degrees. Let cool for a few minutes, slice into half inch pieces. So far it is pretty normal, but this is where we get decadent.

Open a can of Campbell's Golden Pork Gravy and zap it until warm. Slice fresh French bread into sandwich rounds. Make small sandwiches from the bread and pork, dip them into the gravy and try to ignore the decadence of it all.

Well, this is my guilty pleasure with pork tenderloin...what is yours?
the ancient mariner
Filet Mignon
RE: Pork Tenderloin Decadence 2008/03/03 19:27:52
Sounds good to me. Have to give it a go when I have
some folks around to help me dee-voir dee-licious
pork yenderloin. Decadence has always been one of
my favorite things anyhow !!!!!!!!!!!!
Filet Mignon
RE: Pork Tenderloin Decadence 2008/03/04 08:07:30
Campbell's Golden Pork Gravy? I don't think I have ever seen any Campbell's gravy. Is this a new product?


Well, there it is:

[24 hours later...]

Well, they have it in the local Publix supermarket.