PA pie palace

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2008/03/03 23:12:46
Last weekend, along with my cousins Curt & Mark, I drove to Glisan's Restaurant in Markleysburg. There has been a couple articles in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the last few years singing the praises of their pie.

After eating meals of good, although not exceptional food, we had a hard time deciding which pies to order, since they have such a big selection. I had a slice of banana cream

and a slice of huckleberry,

which is something you don't normally see in Pennsylvania. The meringue of the banana cream pie was incredibly airy. Curt also got the banana cream, while Mark went for the peanut butter.

My typical complaint about peanut butter pie is that it is usually way too heavy and rich and I feel like I need to take a nap afterwards. But this slice was extremely light, while still retaining a strong peanut buttery taste. By the way, my cousin Mark took a bite out his pie before I could take a picture of it. Can you believe how selfish some people are?

Here is the pie case where they keep the cream pies and is situated to be the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

The fruit pies are lined up on shelves in the back.

As for my cousins, those boys just ain't right!

One of the nice things they do here, is if you want to take a pie home and can't decide which one, you can get a "half and half". So, I got half of a cherry crumb

and half a coconut cream, which is by far their biggest seller. Unfortunately, my photos of the coconut cream didn't turn out. Sorry!

I plan on going back in the next few weeks, getting some more pictures and writing a review.

RE: PA pie palace 2008/03/03 23:37:07
The Pie King and his band of merry men strike again!! Way to go bb!
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RE: PA pie palace 2008/03/04 21:24:39
Originally posted by lleechef

The Pie King and his band of merry men strike again!!
Thanks lleechef! I got a good laugh out of that!
RE: PA pie palace 2008/03/08 13:29:40
Filet Mignon
RE: PA pie palace 2008/03/08 23:02:41
Oh BB, you are a very, very bad man! haha!! Love this post, especially the peanut butter pie.