Instant Mashed Potatoes

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Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: Instant Mashed Potatoes 2008/04/08 01:24:34
Or, as I concocted in a fake letter to a friend in the eighth or ninth grade: "Dear Sir, I love to eat 3 or 4 packs of Borden's Instant Mashed Potatoes quickly followed by a couple quarts of Welchade. Sincerely Yours, B. Levi Overeat. BLO/at"
Maybe that's why I'm having so much truoble losing weight... it's the exploded purple ghost of B. Levi Overeat haunting me....
Untryingly, Ort. Carlton in Amazing 30601-Land.
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: Instant Mashed Potatoes 2008/04/08 01:26:50
Or, as Bobby Darin said at the end of his all-but-forgotten 1960 hit "Artificial Flowers," "Gimme da real thing!"
I concur, 100% (plus some).
Folks, I just don't go for instant anything.
From-Scratching The Surface, Ort. Carlton in Always-Edible Athens, Georgia.
RE: Instant Mashed Potatoes 2008/04/08 13:52:57
Originally posted by sftreat

All of you upper crust snobs who have the gall to say I would NEVER serve instant potatoes make me gag. I suppose you roast and grind your own coffee beans and also grind your own peanuts for peanut butter. Oh yeah, and churn your own butter. Get off the horse and join the real world. We all use premade products every day. Every one every day. Got it?

I do grind my beans because Trader Joes makes a blend I love. I also have churned my own butter but it was more expensive and just the same as store bought. I get fresh peanut and cashew butter from my farmer's market. I do not have the ability to make other than farm cheese though, but I consider cheese to be a stratch staple. I can also make tortillas, but usually don't. I get them from a torillarilla that can do better than me. They do it from scratch.

In the real world it takes 10 minutes to boil potatoes and only a few more to mash them with salt, pepper, butter and milk. Instant potatoes are glutinous and don't really taste of the potato to me. This site is made up of food lovers who normally take their time and effort to produce or find a place with good tasting food.

I really have stopped most packaged, processed foods from coming into my kitchen. You can flavor noodles, potaoes and rice better from scratch. I will buy pre-made pasta, but the ingredients are simple and it is authentic enough. I can make it though. I also use some cake mixes because my baking is not yet up to par, but I am getting better. I can now make biscuits, pie crust and quick breads better than anything in a store. My huumus is better and cheaper too.

Today is ham and navy bean soup from scratch. No, I didn't grow the beans or smoke the ham, but the beans have been soaking and the ham bone when into the beans to simmer.

It's not about being snobby and upper crust. I got this way of cooking from my farm and peasant grandparents.
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