Pepe's Pizza Manchester Ct

Junior Burger
2008/03/04 20:15:39
Went there this weekend and although the Pizza was great it is a much different crust (thicker) and taste (sauce and cheese)from the original and The Spot in New Haven. Anybody else been there? I wonder if the ovens are coal fired?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Pepe's Pizza Manchester Ct 2008/03/04 20:33:51
Really? We reviewed it[url='']here[/url] and honestly couldn't tell the difference from the original and the Spot. I assumed the ovens were coal-fired but I could be wrong. That pizza is hands-down the best thing to happen to Manchester in a very long time!

RE: Pepe's Pizza Manchester Ct 2008/03/05 07:05:25
Have to agree whole-heartedly with ayersian - Pepe's Manchester perfectly replicates the New Haven locations and, yes, its coal-fired.
Junior Burger
RE: Pepe's Pizza Manchester Ct 2008/03/07 20:31:13
Went again tonight crust is softer not crispy an big bubbles like New Haven But very good. sorry JMO ps will go to New Haven Sunday