Junior Burger
2008/03/06 16:22:04
My son spent a couple of summers working as an architect on the restoration of a 17th Century Spanish church in Oaxaca and tells me that each little village in the area has its own version of mole which they make with much civic pride. Each local mole can range in color from dark brown, to red to yellow and vary substantially in taste. Personally, what I have developed a taste for is the dark brown mole made with chocolate, chiles and 50 other ingredients. At restaurants, I have been served more bad than good mole but some that I consider very good are at La Fogata in San Antonio, Otilia's on Long Point in Houston, and at Hugo's on Westheimer in Houston which offers several variations of mole.

Also, as improbable as it might seem, in a pinch, Knorr's makes a prepackaged mole that is simple to make and much closer to the real deal than any other store bought mole I have tried.
Slim Strummer
RE: Mole 2008/03/06 16:31:25
I had a version of this outside of Cuernavaca--bitter and spicy--they called it "Pollo de Abuela"--Gramma's chicken, but is was mole alright. It was fantastic.

My in-law's had a cook from Puebla when they lived in Mexico DF. Puebla folks claim mole was invented there (not surprising, I guess, seeing as how pizza was invented in Gary IN and perfected in North Carolina).

Stateside, it has been a disappointment for me trying to find it. It is always too sweet. I guess I am not surprised that decent mole can be found in South Texas. Here in New England, it is so far just a rumor...
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Mole 2008/03/06 16:38:00
The State of Oaxaca is known as the land of Seven Moles, there are a lot more if you take in all the variations of each. The Dona Maria in the little glass jar is very good also. It is a hard packed powder with oil on top much like roux in a jar. You mix it with chicken broth to make a sauce and then add salt and pepper to taste. You can pour it over grilled or baked chicken or mix it with chicken or any meat and then use some as an enchilada sauce to dip tortillas and wrap it in and sprinkle crumbled queso fresco on top. MMMMMMMMM

Junior Burger
RE: Mole 2008/03/14 16:45:57
Mole is one of my favorite delicacies. I have been to a few great Mexican Restaurants where the mole has been poured over hot enchiladas with rice. If you ever visit Texas, try to eat at 'Mi Tierras' in downtown San Antonio, TX. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is wonderful as well. The Mole there is spicy, chocolaty, and with a hint of peanut butter. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I recently found a similar dish (mole enchiladas) in Pasadena, TX (East Houston). The place is called 'El Jardin'. It's not in the best part of town, but they give you free queso, red, and green salsa, fresh chips, and a free sopapia for dessert. This place is a local secret. It's very 'Mexican', unlike a chain or what we call Tex-Mex.