Any REAL Coneys In New England?

2003/09/25 18:24:29
As a transplant to New England from the "Wolverine State", I still sometimes miss the experience of having Coney Islands as they do them in the Detroit/SE Michigan area.

Does anyone know of anything in New England that comes close? I've tried Georges in Worcester, ok for what they are but nowhere near the real thing.....sigh....
Filet Mignon
RE: Any REAL Coneys In New England? 2003/09/27 14:57:33
As a transplanted New Englander, I would say---not likely---i dont remember anywhere that served them when i was a kid--there may be another transplant out there that serves them but for the most part my impression was that the locals figuered that all that coney stuff on it must mean the dog is low quality in the first place. I know it took me a long time OUT of New England to appreciated them and i still can't even CONSIDER chowder with TOMATOS!!!and I LOVE tomatos!!!