Chinese Dessert

2008/03/09 22:46:57

Would like to know if any one out there knows anything about the
little tarts made of phyllo and custard on some of the buffets at the Chinese restaurant. My sister loves them and I told her if
anybody knows the Foodies at Roadfood certainly will. Are they authentic? Any Recipes

Thanks in advance

Filet Mignon
RE: Chinese Dessert 2008/03/09 23:32:07
Well I'm pretty sure a Greek custard phyllo desert isn't authentic Chinese
Although they did invent spaghetti so who knows.
I've never seen one at a Chinese buffet so I'm not sure what you're looking for. The classic Greek desert is Galaktoboureko. If you type in phyllo custard deserts in Google you get quite a few, like 6,550 results, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem finding the one you're looking for.

RE: Chinese Dessert 2008/03/09 23:50:37

THanks for the reply I figured phyllo wasn't authentic Chinese but I think it is a quicker way to make them in quantity for a buffet.
I found this one recipe but it doesn't have the phyllo but this might be more authentic with this dough.

Thanks again for your time and effort


Oriental Egg Custard Tarts
This popular dim sum treat is easy to make at home
What can compare with the light crust and delicate flavor of Egg Custard Tarts? Here are a few tips to help you make this delicious dim sum favorite at home:

A. The Crust:

Use Lard. It's fallen out of favor recently, but lard will produce the kind of lighter, flakier crust you want.

Make sure you have a large enough surface for rolling out the dough. This is a delicate dough that doesn't take kindly to repeated rolling and shaping. If you don't have a large enough cutting board, roll the dough out on a a large piece of parchment or wax paper.

B. The Filling:

Lightly beat the eggs. Stir the egg lightly with chopsticks or a fork, trying not to produce any air bubbles.

Before preparing the custard, make sure the filling ingredients are at room temperature. This helps prevent the filling from separating. Scalding the milk before adding to the other custard ingredients also helps.

Milk, Cream or ? Feel free to experiment, depending on how rich you want the custard to be.

One final tip: Yellow food coloring will give the custard that lemony look found in restaurant dishes.