Cheap Jelly Belly alternative.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/03/12 15:17:45
OK, let me start off by saying some people will not like the gourmet jelly bean. I love regular jelly beans. - The ones made by starburst are the best. However, if you do like to try a mocha bean every now and again and don't want to pay $10 an ounce for jellybelly, Giant grocery stores have a generic version for about $2 a bag. They are pretty good and even have the buttered popcorn bean.
RE: Cheap Jelly Belly alternative. 2008/03/12 15:24:36
Good to know!
Junior Burger
RE: Cheap Jelly Belly alternative. 2008/03/12 15:34:40
The Costco Kirkland brand jelly beans are Jelly Bellys