mole info

Filet Mignon
2008/03/13 15:26:11
I was intrigued by the mole posts, and then thought about guacomole; I did an internet search, and found out that "mole" means "sauce" from Aztec. (I thought that was salsa...). And, therefore, guacomole is related to that "mole" thing.

Anyway, to me "mole" meant that sauce with chocolate, but apparently mole is a more generic term.

Did other people know this? Then,m what if you wantt that sauce (mole) with chocolate? What is that called? (I wouldn't want the chocolate sauce like on ice cream..)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: mole info 2008/03/13 15:30:02
There is a red mole without chocolate. Nice spice. Authentic guacamole is more liquidy, not like the guac dip we are used to in the US. I wouldn't worry about mistaking the chocolate mole. Most restaurants still list the chocolate part on the menu and will not give you hershey's as a gag.
RE: mole info 2008/03/23 23:05:10
Mole, like any kind of meal can be made many ways. I've had it both thick and watery-- made with chocolate or as I've always had it made, with peanut butter.