Inexpensive chili

Junior Burger
2008/03/13 19:07:04
Hi guys...I'm looking for inexpensive great tasting Stagg Steak House chili is pretty damn good and can be bought for $1.33 a can (15oz)! I just tried making my own chili and boy was it good, but it cost me about $1.85 a can (15oz) Even if I skimp on the ingredients we're still looking at $1.50 a can...does anybody know how I can buy Stagg in bulk or know a way to get the cost down to $1 a can???


P.S. My chili is mostly for the Vienna Beef Chili dog I'm selling up here in Vermont...the only Vienna Beef in Vermont!!
RE: Inexpensive chili 2008/03/15 17:17:10
Call Stagg and complain that you found some REAL meat in their chili, maybe they'll send you a free case!
RE: Inexpensive chili 2008/03/15 17:21:46
Go to Wendy's and get theirs for 99 cents. Not bad! They will sell it to you in bulk as well.
RE: Inexpensive chili 2008/04/07 11:33:57
Teeege, there are some good threads here somewhere about chili for chili dogs to be sold. I think there is one about the "best canned chili". I think you need an approved kitchen to make your own chili for resale.