Giant Sundaes

2008/03/19 05:17:10
My buddy and I are thinking of openning an ice cream parlor/pizza place. I love the idea!

I was wondering if folks could share their experiences with monster sundaes, like Ben & Jerry's Vermonster. I have always wanted to have one on the menu and now, I might get the chance!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Giant Sundaes 2008/03/19 07:25:10
Farrell's (old chain) used to specialize in several monster sundaes. They made a big production when someone ordered one - with flashing lights and sirens as the waiters ran through the place carrying your sundae on a tray.
RE: Giant Sundaes 2008/03/19 14:09:35
LOL...I'm afraid of embarassing my customers.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Giant Sundaes 2008/03/19 14:13:56
I always though it was cool to order one, when money was ok. But, the actual eating melting ice cream with a big group ending up looking none too appetizing and probably not all that hygenic. In reality I like one or two scoops on warm brownie/chocolate cake/cookie. With just enough ice cream to melt in but not enough to become a soup covering my doughy goodness. ESPN zone does skillet sundaes, not monsters, but still with a unique spin that makes it feel special. And, the skillet keeps the cookie warm.
RE: Giant Sundaes 2008/03/19 14:19:30
A friend had a Vermonster for her birthday a few months ago. There were 8 of us to eat it -- 6 adults (all over 30) and 2 children (8 and 10 years old).

We all scooped servings from the bucket (yes, it was served in a bucket) into our own individual dishes. It was fine as long as the ice cream was still frozen. Once everything started to melt and blend it was not enjoyable for the majority of us!

Not something I would do again.