Lime Starbursts

2008/03/20 12:39:55
Does anyone remember lime as a flavor? I think cherry replaced it in the late 70s/early 80s (I'm talking the original Starburst lineup, not the tropical fruit and other variations that later came).

Also, what about Pacer's, the chewy mints---they came out around the same time as Starburst. Did they taste anything like Mento's? Pacer's were gone before I had a chance to try them.
Junior Burger
RE: Lime Starbursts 2008/03/20 15:01:28
i remember the lime starburst it was my favorite
quit buying them after they took it out
RE: Lime Starbursts 2008/03/21 02:44:02
Yeah, I remember the lime ones. I really can't stand the cherry ones.

(They also used to be random flavors back then, but later they standardized the mix so that they go in order in the package, just like Lifesavers do.)

There was a limited edition last year called Starburst Retro and included Optimus Lime ... just like the old lime flavor from the original.

Pacers reminded me of Mint Julep (which are a little softer, now made by Necco). There were also Mint Skittles for a while too, I liked those, but they're also gone.