Steel City Diner

Junior Burger
2008/03/21 11:06:38
Ok, when I went for a trip last year in Pittsburgh I had a few friends of mine RAVE about this place called the Steel city diner, they said that it was great food , cheap and we crowded the place so much that they ran out of food!

Well I had to test this for myself so when I went on my trip I went to eat there with my roomie and when I first looked at this place.. it looked like a hole in the wall.. a good sign as usually hole in the wall places have GREAT food.

The menu was varied as they had alot of different stuff for breakfast so I settled on a 2 eggs, bacon and toast deal with hash browns. The food was SO GOOD.. I ate there every morning for breakfast!

One of the BEST things they have on the menu? BREAKFAST BAGEL. God.. it is like egg and steak on a bagel with hash browns. MMmmmmmmmm..

If you're in the Pittsburgh area go there.. the food is that good and it is dirt cheap!
Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
RE: Steel City Diner 2008/03/29 01:18:44
JohnnyB - Never heard of the place. Is it new? I lived in Pittsburgh in the late 80's; I'll ask my sister about it. She still lives there.

Best two breakfast places in Pittsburgh for me were Jo Jo's and Pamela's. Pittsburgh is known for their inexpensive and hearty breakfasts. What I liked best about Jo Jo's is that they make their breakfast sausage from bulk sausage meat that they season themselves..Hot or sweet sausage patties. A lot of places also use Italian bread rather than conventional white bread to accompany your egg order. The Strip District has some of the biggest and most reasonable breakfast places, but there are others throughout the city, too. I am familiar with Ritter's diner.

Pamela's is another story. You go there for some of the best pancakes you'll ever have in any city. It is not considered cheap, but it is reasonable.

Fire Safety Admin
RE: Steel City Diner 2008/03/29 10:34:32
What is odd is that even though I know it is there, I have never been there and never hear anything about this place. No one I know has been there and it never shows up on any local list of best Pittsburgh breakfast. But, I will keep an open mind and go there soon. I hope I like it as much as you did. Thanks for the suggestion!