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2008/03/24 00:52:46
Ihave spent my adult years in ohio and colorado. Seeing pictures of BBQ mutton got me thinking. I have never seen mutton in a store or resturaunt. Ive had many legs and chops from lamb but never mutton.
Seeing a picture of pit cooked mutton. Rich and dark and falling off the bone. Ot got me to thinkin I hadnt even had braised lamb shank in many years.
Is it possible to get rack or rib/loin chops if mutton any where?
Would it be too gamey to eat, ot maybe too tough.
I would think that with all the wool industry there must be older cuts than lamb.
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RE: Mutton 2008/03/24 10:35:53
I am not sure where in Ohio you are, but I would advise checking with the Meat Manager at Jungle Jim's or a 'real' butcher shop nearer to you. Restaurants and BBQ stands in Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana serve a lot of Mutton BBQ. I know from talking with the management of the Moonlite BBQ that they get theirs from suppliers in Texas and Nebraska.
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RE: Mutton 2008/03/25 06:53:46
Here in the Boston area mutton is fairly hard to find, but it can be had.
Some local ethnic markets still carry it as does a slaughter house with a small retail store attached.
Lamb Shanks {braised} one of my favorites is common in many Greek restaurants here. I just purchased some lamb shanks at a butchery for home use. I paid more for them than a boneless leg of lamb, something wrong there. Chow Jim
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RE: Mutton 2008/03/25 19:58:01
I second Jimeats. Try an asian, hispanic, ethnic grocery store. The bigger the better. They frequently stock unusual cuts, organ meats, and uncommon meats. The Asian grocery store near me (Seattle) carries lamb, mutton, goat, plus amazingly inexpensive duck, goose, and rabbit due to volume sold to ethnic families. The ethnic grocery store can be a hidden treasure trove of uncommon meats.
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RE: Mutton 2008/03/25 23:12:17
Keen's Steakhouse
72 W 36th St

Best mutton I've ever had (although I've heard it may not technically be "mutton")

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RE: Mutton 2008/03/29 23:01:50
My local Kroger had a whole bin full of cryo=wrapped lsmb shanks. $6.29 a pound. One packagewas almost 7 bux snf we'd need 4 for the two of us. Its more than the Angus/choice rib roast was at $5.49lb
Again I'd love to try a mutton rib or loin chop broiled