LA to Palm Springs

Filet Mignon
2003/03/21 13:40:52
I'm taking a leisurely drive from LA to Palm Springs. Other than the dinasours, anywhere I should eat along the way or in PS? Any unusual roadside attractions? Thanks!
RE: LA to Palm Springs 2003/03/21 23:04:55
Try Billys Phillys in Palm Dessert
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: LA to Palm Springs 2003/04/03 11:21:49
A couple of places to check out if you are poking around...
Farmer Boy's Has a stand on Redlands Blvd. in Loma Linda. See my review of the one near Ontario Airport under the Airport thread. Worth a stop for the onion rings (big thick ones) alone.
DAN The BBQ MAN is on Valley Blvd in Bloomington/Fontana at the intersection of Valley and Cedar. An old Foster freeze stand, it has a couple of tables and his cookers out front on the sidewalk. Ribs and sliced port sandwiches.
Filet Mignon
RE: LA to Palm Springs 2003/04/03 18:45:05
Cool! My office always sends me out to meetings by Ontario airport. At least I'll have onion rings to look forward to! Thanks!
Fire Safety Admin
RE: LA to Palm Springs 2003/04/03 19:17:09
I own a car that races the NHRA circuit and we always stay at the Residence Inn at the Ontario airport. There is a place close to the airport next to a winery and the oldest house in Ontario that is listed as a historical place. The restaurant appears to be in an older house and is within sight of the airport and the breakfast is super. It was suggested by the Residence Inn and we were very much pleased. I am sure that the "mayor" knows the name. Been there for many years.
Paul e. smith
Knoxville, TN
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: LA to Palm Springs 2003/04/03 19:34:45
OK here is where my terrible spelling shows thru.... The house is Guasti 2000 the senior class at our H S held it's prom on the ground of the place. They hire out for things like that and weddings etc. I don't remember the name of the cafe, but recall passing it by many times.