Cape Cod Chicken Salad

2008/03/28 16:03:55
Has anybody tried the "Cape Cod Chicken Salad" in a tub,sold at Costco. Had a sandwich for lunch today...and I'm hooked. It's made with chicken breast,pecans,cranberry pieces and honey all in the mayo...God it was like ambrosia...give it a try!
ann peeples
RE: Cape Cod Chicken Salad 2008/03/28 16:29:00
Wow-sounds great!
RE: Cape Cod Chicken Salad 2008/03/29 08:47:12
Several people at work sang the praises of Cape Cod chicken salad! Apparantly,I was one of the last in my small lunch group who had tried it..Had a late night snack with it last night...label says all natural..and all chunk chicken breast meat(I prefer white meat in a chicken salad. The only problem with it is it's rich...and I can't stop meating it!

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Cape Cod Chicken Salad 2008/03/30 00:36:46
I think it's a little on the sweet side. It tastes like there is also some corn syrup in the mayo mix, which gives it a miracle whip flavor.

RE: Cape Cod Chicken Salad 2008/04/04 18:32:17
I took it to lunch three days in a row...others got a look...and there was a run on Costco's and Today I wasn't the only one with a chicken salad sandwich
RE: Cape Cod Chicken Salad 2008/04/04 18:55:26
I tried a sample at the store. It was great, but I also tried a sample of their shrimp salad (next to the chicken salad in the case) and ended up buying that. Next time I'll get the chicken salad - it's much better than anything I make!!