Three Chefs pancake restaurant

Junior Burger
2008/03/29 18:46:19
Anyone else here remember the old Three Chefs Restaurant on 236 in Annandale, VA?

Their specialty was pancakes and they had a couple of dozen varieties of pancakes and about a dozen varieties of syrup on each table.

I think that they were in business from the 1950s through the 70s. Great place for kids and kids-at-heart.
RE: Three Chefs pancake restaurant 2008/05/03 09:34:00
We used to go to the one on Wilson Bouulevard in Arlington. Good stuff!

Years ago their building was converted into Allen's copy shop and last time I checked it had become the new home of Hurt's Cleaners, yet it still retains the "Three Chef's" toques on the roof.

You can still go down memory lane there as Mario's is still in business just a short block East on Wilson!
RE: Three Chefs pancake restaurant 2008/05/03 09:43:02
GenB: Try this thread for walks down memory lane-

And welcome to Roadfood!
Junior Burger
RE: Three Chefs pancake restaurant 2009/06/23 09:56:39
I was just thinking about Three Chefs today--they had the most awesome German apple pancake ever.  Also, I've been trying to perfect my recipe to match their creamed spinach--imagine me as an eight-year-old kid asking my folks to go there just for the spinach! lol

GenB, ever go to Andy's Pizza on 236?  I used to come up to visit my mother just so I could go to Andy's.  (please don't tell my mom)