New England Donuts

Filet Mignon
2008/04/02 09:13:01
Our local Fox Boston news station often runs a best of New England segement. Thurs. am @ 7:45 they will be airing the 5 very best donuts in NE.
They have done this in the past with lobster rolls, fried clams, pizza and all segments were very informative.
You may be able to see it at or at least read the list.
Every Tues. mornings they air from a different diner in the region.
This past week it happened to be the new Salem Diner wich has been reviewed here. Menu looked to be heavily leening to Greek fare, wich I like alot.
I posted this because an active member i-95 is traveling tommorow for donuts. Chow Jim
Filet Mignon
RE: New England Donuts 2008/04/02 13:04:21
Being from the area, we should find it interesting!