Pizzaria Pizza Chips

Junior Burger
2008/04/03 18:16:57
Hey All,

Anyone love these things? I was so sad when they discontinued them but... They're BACK. I don't know if it was posted before in one of the long snack threads but I found some at Walgreens. Only this time they're of the TGI Friday brand. Much like how Keebler used to make both the Tato Skins and Pizzarias... TGI Friday brand makes those potato skin chips already and now the Pizza ones. I only saw Cheese Pizza but maybe there are other flavors. All I know is that this is the SAME thing just shaped like whole pizzas instead of pizza slices :D

Just thought I'd share
Filet Mignon
RE: Pizzaria Pizza Chips 2008/04/06 01:38:51
I used to eat them for lunch in HS every day.