gut box

2003/10/01 10:26:04
has anyone ever had the pleasure of eating at "the golden fried chicken fingers" palace known as guthries? it's a small southern chain that, it seems, is predominantly a college town thing.

there are two at UGA in athens, ga. there is one in tuscaloosa and a slightly newer one in flordia (flordia state , i believe)

anyway, this place is amazing. you can order the guthries box (the gut box) which has fingers, fries, slaw, garlic bread and dipping sauce or the sandwich (fingers in a bun). that's it, but it's enough.....

these fingers are, bar non, the best i've ever had. i'm not this huge chicken finger fan....i don't usually order them anywhere, but...guthries fingers have ruined all others for me.

does anybody know where additional locations are? i believe there are 13-15 total. i want to make sure that if i'm within 50 miles of guthries, i stop in.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: gut box 2003/10/01 10:31:18
Hello again, we have one right off I-75 in Gainesville. It would be the Archer Rd exit. I prefer my chicken with a bone in it, but when you get Guthrie's fresh it is good.
Junior Burger
RE: gut box 2004/04/19 22:07:56
We have two that I know of in the Birmingham, Alabama area. One is in Gardendale and the other one is in Hoover.
RE: gut box 2004/04/20 00:08:24
We've got Guthrie's in Auburn, too.