Denver Old-Timers.......

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/04/07 09:25:53
I was in the Biz untill 92 when I became disabled. I spent most of my time working the Denver Metro area. I'd like to see if anybody has any feedback on some of the places I worked.
Berels on Hamilton
Ichabods on Hamilton
Gator MaGoons BBQ on Yosemite
Le Profile Capital hill
Duffy's downtown
Boston Half Shell Brooks Towers
Soapy Smiths Downtown
Fin's downtown
Manhattan Cafe Larimer Sq.
Apple Tree Shanty N Colfax
Gussies Broomfield
Brittany Hills North Glen
Baby Does Mile high stadium
If you ate there I probaly fed you so any feedback?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/09 08:52:58
Dang,You got around,What did you do run out of places to work?
Junior Burger
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/09 09:02:15
When I was a kid, the building of Brittany Hill did not sit well with most of the locals. That was an oasis of really good 4 wheeling in the city limits and it was called "marijuana hill" for some unknown reason However I did take a prom/homecoming date or 2 to eat there (85-87ish)and thought it was pretty good. Of course at that age if it didn't come in a bag it was a pretty swanky joint.
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/09 09:19:05
Sorry- have only been to Denver twice and both times we ate at The Chophouse. The food there was pretty good. We did go to a neat little Mexican place off of the 16th Street Mall- had an outrageous margarita and some good Mexican food.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/09 21:41:43
That was from 77-90. In those days the money wasnt good and a good cook would always have offers and options. 3 of them went belly up when I was still there, and I was also trying to learn the trade(I was certified by the Colorado Culinary arts fedreation) Fins was an awesome seafood house. I want to work one morning and the IRS paddle-locked the place. It took months to get my tools back. All of them weere at the front of their niche and none was I ashamed of. In 83 I went to Brittany Hill(I was recruited by the corporate chef as the sous chef/banquet chef) and in 85 I went to Baby Dees as chef.
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/12 12:11:01
I remember Burgandy's in downtown Denver, in a Hotel as I recall. Incredible Rack of Lamb and tableside Ceasar salad...circa 1984.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/12 23:22:46
Mrs QFan and I lived in the Denver area back in the 60's & 70's. The Broker restaurant in an old restored bank in downtown was one of Denver's best back then-and it's still top-notch. Last time I visited was in the fall of '06 and it was still going strong. Ate w/ #1 son and his SO in the original bank vault downstairs and had an absolutely wonderful evening including their unlimited shrimp bowl appetizer, terrific salads, dry-aged prime steaks and highly expert service. If RF-ers are looking for a superb old-timer that still does it right, definitely try The Broker.

Bonita Springs, FL
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Denver Old-Timers....... 2008/04/13 08:33:01
The Broker started to lose name recognition in the early 80's. They had expanded to te big malls with "satelite" stores. The menus were not the same and neither the food quality and it turned many people off. Thay were starting to retrench in the later 80's. The very best back then were Manhattan cafe and Cafe' Giovanni. Right accross the street from each other and both were so packed they used a valet service.