Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe

Celery Salt
2008/04/07 11:16:35
I had an amazing pulled chicken sandwich in Chicago over the weekend and am looking for any suggestions for making a killer homemade pulled chicken plate/sandwich. This place had their own sauce which I didn't buy (d'oh!), so any BBQ recommendations (store bought or otherwise) would be appreciated too! The storebought Stubb's is probably my fave. Thanks in advance!
Junior Burger
RE: Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2008/04/07 12:02:34
We love pulled chicken, too. I get out the crock pot and toss in skinless, boneless chicken breasts with salt and pepper. I put it on "high" to get it going (about an hour); then down to low for 4 or 5 hours. You'll know it's getting there by checking it with forks and trying to get it to shred. By the time it's close to ready, there can be a pool of liquid in the pot. I scoop this out and start shredding in the pot. I add the sauce and taste for saltiness. Give it a half hour or so still in the pot. It'll smell so good, it'll be torture.

We really love the "Big Daddy" brand of sauce. Here's their website. http://www.bigdaddysbbq.net
Captain Morgan
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2008/04/07 12:16:35
Larry Wolfe from Wolfe Rub is the person to
talk to...he smokes it and bags it and sells
it to his co-workers...it's pretty dang good!

contact him at wolferub.com to get tips, but
it's basically just barbecued chicken pulled
from the bone and sauced.
RE: Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2008/04/07 12:30:17
Care to share the name of the restaraunt that serves this amazing sandwhich? I live in the Chicagoland area and don't eat any red meat so I would love to give it a try.
Celery Salt
RE: Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2008/04/07 15:27:00
Cool, thanks for the tips, keep 'em coming! The restaurant was Smoke Daddy's on Division, near Ashland. They have 3 different sauces which are amazing! www.thesmokedaddy.com
RE: Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2008/04/17 09:54:14
Beer can chicken produces exceptionally moist and smoky chicken. Pile the coals on one side of the BBQ; put the chicken on the other. I always use a tallboy instead of a twelve-ouncer. Easier to handle.

Dry rubs are baffling simply because they have so many herbs and spices in so many different proportions. Do a Google search and make your own. The problem with that is in order to get the proportions right, you have to make a whole bunch. Mine has gotten stale in the past.

BBQ sauce is also baffling. I don't have a go-to recipe for that. Doing a search here for recipes might help.

But the beer can technique will definitely give your the promary taste and texture you are looking for.
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Re:Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2011/09/16 05:44:41
I am trying to find best bbq chicken recipe. Today, I am going to celebrate birthday party of my son at my home and my friend insisted me to have chicken in the menu.So i want it to be the best.

Junior Burger
Re:Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2011/09/16 10:12:24
I certainly don't see anything above to disagree with, but thought adding a point or two might be helpful.  There are available sauce and rub recipe sources galore, but if you only had time to look at two, Paul Kirk's Championship Barbeque Sauces and Steven Raichlen's Sauces, Rubs and Marinades would be decent choices.  With those books in hand, thinking analytically about the sauce you had in Chicago may begin to hint at tastes of certain ingredients and replication attempts can be made.  It may take a few tries, and you may never copy the original exactly, but the bet is you'll end up with a really good sauce each time you try.
Secondly, if you've never tried brining your chicken before grilling, it's a step that can help take your meal from a "6" to a "10" simply by maintaining a high moisture level for the meat.  Again, a legion of recipes are floating around, but a very simple (yet quite tasty) brine can be made by adding a 1/2 cup of each  kosher salt and brown sugar (I prefer dark brown), a rough chopped onion, a half dozen or so garlic cloves, and a tablespoon or so of cumin seeds to two quarts of water.  Bring to a hard boil, and then begin the process of getting the temp down to cool (I generally let it sit out for a couple hours, then refrigerate long enough for it to be cool).  Soak the chicken anywhere from 4 hour to overnight in the brine, then remove and soak in clean water for a bit (say an hour if you brined all night long) to draw out some of the salt for taste purposes.
I generally grill chicken indirectly, and using that method, once the meat's juices are clear, the bird is done...and given these steps, incredibly moist.  The process should protect the meat even if you want to leave it on the grill longer to achieve a darker color.
Junior Burger
Re:Looking for a BBQ pulled chicken recipe 2011/09/23 05:24:58
I am  used to eat non-veg since I was a kid and my mom just love to Cook variety of non veg dishes for us. The chicken steak is one of my favorites which I still eat. And after finding such a list of recipes i will surely try one of these in my kitchen.