Prime rib in Dayton.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/04/07 13:55:23
Except for the high end dinner houses why is it impossible. First experience in 99-Outback steak house. I asked to waitron if she could insure a cut not past medium rare. She even went to the kitchen to check. WHat I got was and endcut at least 20oz. I told her I wanted another so she turned the one I had over to show me I was wrong-brown from edge to enter! The next was around medium so I ate it and shut up.
I cooked tons of prime in my time and it aint thaaat damb hard!!! We had it on early bird(6.99) and sold any where from 6 on a sunday to 18 on the weekend. Thats roasts not slices
We went to O'Charlies in Middletown. There ie was on the daily menu same deal
Next was Rousch's in Fairborn. It was on a special menu so after quizing the server(and she the cooks) I went for it Sent it back again Replacement was a decent MR.
Im not trying to waste food or be a grouch. I truly ask with the intention of ordering somethin else if need be.
We have the Family diner in Fairborn and they had it on pecial for over 6 months. I even called and checked first(do they cook from scratch or buy pre-cooked? Welll done. The second was med-mw but I ate it
Sunday we went to a great place the Mel-o-dee in Medway. Again called 1st and asked my ?'s 1st!. got a well and the server tried to tell me it was cut special by the chef andhe guarrenteed it. Im not blind. We always eat their great broasted chicken(Gloria got Pork chops then) It takes 30 min to cook so I ate bread. My wife tried to refuse hers but I knew she was starved and insisted.
I decided then and there never to order it again! It is my altime favorite but I only like MR or under. Higer temps taste like pot roast to me. It looses the wonderful flavor!

I really wanted to know if anone there knew prime? I called for the manager and explained and asked my ?'s again. She said the owner is a prime fanatic and would freak if he found a customer couldnt get what he wanted.
She wanted to send me a gift certificate and come in when shes on. I said OK.
I wasnt trying to get freebies just what I asked for.
Am I wrong here?

TJ Jackson
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/07 14:09:26
With apologies that I don't have an answer for you, I will suggest that if this thread does not get you the answer you're looking for, that you try posting your question in this other thread

which is dedicated to good eats in Middletown and Dayyton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/08 14:16:41
I don't know of any place in Dayton that serves prime rib, but I work in a hotel in Cincinnati that serves prime rib on the Sunday buffet. The middle is rare, and is more cooked toward the ends. A lot of people send their slices back to the kitchen to be cooked more . IMHO prime rib should be rare to medium rare, otherwise it's tasteless.

At our holiday party, we had a prime rib, and I asked the chef for a middle cut. He told me that he instructed the line cook to cook it well done, because that's the way everyone liked it. "NOT ME" I told him. I just don't get it. Most people wouldn't know good food if it was forced down their throat.
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/12 21:57:39
I know a lot of people like that. But I usually get prime rib medium-rare. We have a couple of good supper clubs here in Northeast Wisconsin that know how to get it right. Some of my friends look at me funny but thats the way I like it. No need to ruin a good piece of the best meat you will get by cooking it too long.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/12 22:08:15
I'd guess that places such as Outback likely use foodservice cryovaced pre-cooked roasts that they just warm up for service. Such roasts can be had rare, medium rare, etc., but many places just go with medium.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/12 22:30:03
Ive worked with tje precooked before. You just cant do a true MR. The beautiful color is washed out and the flavor was wrong.
Outback sent me a new one that was perfect, cut fresh from the roast. We were early and they gave me the end.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/12 22:32:00
Some years ago I got a couple of pre-cooked prime ribs from GFS (Gordon Food Service), a Michigan-based restaurant supply outfit, for a high school football banquet, and the medium rare one did look perfectly medium rare all the way through. I was surprised at the color.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/12 23:37:26
If you reheated it whole it will come out pretty good. Most reheats are done in atjus and by the time they are warm thru, its too late.
BTW, I got the gift certificate from Mel-O-dee. She had said she would send us a certificate so we could have a better time(she would make sure!) The certificate was for 10bux. Am I wrong in being upset? I figured enough for 2 meals. when I got half the value of 1 I decided to save it for another trip but not the prime, which is over double the price of regular dinners $5-9(not steak tho). We wont ever qtut going as my wife loves the broasted chicken. A 4 peice meal is only 7.95 while the prime is 19 bux.
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/13 00:27:18
Hmmm. I guess I consider prime rib to be pretty high end, so I'm not too surprised it is done improperly in places that aren't high end or don't specialize in steak.

That said, I usually can't afford prime rib. ;) But on a few occasions, I've been happy with what I got at J. Alexander's on 725, and I prefer mine medium-rare at most.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/13 08:24:02
Rare to MR is mine. What I hate is arguing with the server about whats right. SHe can talk till blue in the face and it just gets more well done.
On a busy nite I would go thru as many as 18-20 western cuts. We had and early bird for 5.99. Figure on 1200-1300 ala carte' covers on a Friday ar Saturday nite.
Filet Mignon
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/13 13:15:59
You could move to Milwaukee While many supper clubs only serve prime rib on Saturday, we are blessed with several places where you can get excellent prime rib during the week. That said, Emmber Foods used to allow the public to shop one afternoon a week at the employee factory store. Their directions were to nuke the thawed pre-cut prime rib cuts (sold individually encased in cry-o-vac) sitting on and covered with iceburg lettuce. The results were surprisingly very, very good. You could easily get your chop medium rare. This ended maybe ten years ago but you could purchase these in 2 oz. increments from 10 to 22 oz. as I recall. We ate so much prime rib back then that its only been in the last year or so that we've ordered it in a restaurant. I'd forgotten just how good this cut can be when properly made.
Junior Burger
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/14 10:24:39
The best one in Dayton (IMO) is at the Oakwood Club.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Prime rib in Dayton. 2008/04/14 11:33:01
Originally posted by brittneal

If you reheated it whole it will come out pretty good. Most reheats are done in atjus and by the time they are warm thru, its too late.

I did reheat whole.