Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers?

2008/04/19 16:01:01
Another claim of "World's Best!" I am told these burgers are a local institution. Anyone had the fare

The "Hamburger Heaven" sauce, is now available here in her sister city Atlanta. It reminds me greatly, of a well-known steak sauce with the number "57" in it!

Is this what comes on the burgers Kinda reminds me of "Five Guys" and their A-1 Sauce as a topping.

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RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/19 18:04:49
Me!! I love them!

Huge, made to order with fresh meat, charbroiled then put on a grill. Messy but sooo good! Their milkshakes are really good too. No pre packaged mix. And don't forget to try their beer battered onion rings or their cut in house french fries.

As for the sauce, you don't have to have it on your burger. It's a typcial brown sauce that has many variations in Birmingham. We seem to eat brown sauce on everything from hot dogs, hamburgers to poured over cheese and fries. Personally, I'd never eat sauce from a bottle from a well known joint. It never lives up to what I remember, or like.

HH was started by the same man who started Jack's Hamburgers, which was the only game in town for many, many years and also one of my favorites. Yes Jack's is 'fast food' but it certainly ain't Micky D's or Burger King.

I will say I've only ever ate at the Irondale location. It was the first one and I tend to think the original of anything is always better.

Man, I gotta go home. I need Hamburger Heaven and Milo's and Jim N Nicks and Jack's and Sneaky Pete's and Gus's hot dogs...the list is very long lol
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RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/22 10:34:22
The first time I went, I was on my way back to the airport and got off in Irondale to get some lunch. It was about 2 PM and I pulled into the Jack's, which pretty much had an empty parking lot. I could smell this wonderful aroma in the air and knew it wasn't coming from Jack's. I looked across the street to see a fairly full parking lot at Hamburger Heaven. The rest was history for me. Great burger. Something I always plan for when I am in the area.
RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/22 20:19:08
Thanks guys...

I might have to try both "HH" and Milo's!

I want to try some BamaQ, too. My cousin's place is in Homewood. I made the mistake of venturing out alone, and trying it at Demitri's. I did NOT like their Greek spin on Dixie BBQ! Just did not work for me at all. Nor did the sides, with the same influence.

My uncle suggested "Jack's BBQ" IIRC, and I think it was close to Homewood.

On a sidenote, I miss the old Vulcan observation deck. It used to be enclosed, and was a lot of fun. The new one is open-air, and I just don't care for it. Great view of the city, though I have been told the area isn't safe after dark?
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RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/23 19:55:41
Not so sure about the area not being safe. I can tell you it's safer than Ensley or the North side of the city, Gate City and the airport area. You are over the mountain which is usually the richer part of the city, better kept up too. The Zoo, Botanical Gardens and such are close by. You are also up there on Red Mountain with the tv stations. Downtown isn't as safe as it use to be but you gotta be smart of course and don't go wandering empty streets walking alone.

I love 5 points south and have no problem walking around down there, my brother lives in Southside, but I'd never go it alone. Then again, I'm female and usually don't go wandering around anywhere alone.

I love the new observation deck. The other one made me feel dizzy because of the way it leaned out to give you a full view. June 1st is the old boys 104th birthday. I use to live at the foot of Red Mountain and Vulcan was a daily view out my bedroom window. And of course Thunder on the Mountain, the 4th celebration, was a pleasure since we were so close. Four things I miss about Birmingham, the food, vulcan, the accents and the rolling hills.

Enough waxing nostalgic,

There are nearly as many bbq joints in Birmingham and the surrounding areas as their are Churchs. Not hard to find.

Bob Sykes
Full Moon
Jim N' Nicks (my favorite)
Golden Rule
Johnny Ray's (another favorite)
Miss Myra's
Tin Roof
Top Hat
Green Top
Costa's...though they do better fish at the fish market than they do bbq. Be aware, they are Greek.

There are reviews on this sight too. Do a search you'll find a few.
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RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/23 20:23:24
Originally posted by ULVER
On a sidenote, I miss the old Vulcan observation deck.

It's just as well that it's gone. From what I understand, Vulcans don't particularly like to be watched.
I Spock Too Soon, Ort. Carlton in More-Emotional-Than-That Athens, Georgia.
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RE: Any Had Birmingham's "Hamburger Heaven" Burgers? 2008/04/23 20:32:29
Originally posted by BhamBabe
Four things I miss about Birmingham, the food, vulcan, the accents and the rolling hills.

Bham Babe,
I miss the Red Mountain Red Ale, Golden Ale, and Bock Beer! Now THOSE were some decent microbrewery beers! (I still have a couple of Red Mountain t-shirts to remember them by.)
Is The Ensley Grill still in business out in Ensley? Someone I know's grandmother still lives in that area; her great-aunt lives in Midfield; another relative lives in Norwood. I have heard that all three of these places have become quite suspect, even in broad daylight... but then I go all over Atlanta hitting thrift stores and have never been bothered even once... so go figure.
Way Eastwardly, Ort. Carlton in Ever-Athenian Athens, Georgia.
P. S. I have to make a roadtrip to Birmingham to crank the microfilm of The Birmingham Post during mid-1938... I've done both the Age-Herald and The News. I'm researching a fire in Atlanta (the Terminal Hotel; May 16, 1938) that killed six Birminghamites and someone from Talladega. Two are buried in Forest Hill and four in Elmwood.