marshmallow nut (?) cookies? called?

Junior Burger
2008/04/20 22:59:22
Does anyone recall the name of the cookies that were (in our grocery store and maybe yours too) on the shelf next to the Nabisco Devil's Food cookies? They were a fairly highly mounded cookie covered with a firm (but not hard) off-white frosting that had little brown spots on it (maybe tiny nuts?).
The base of the cookie was like a packaged graham cracker crust. The filling was marshmallow.
I don't think they exist today but it's hard to track them down since I don't know the name!
They were my favorite. I always had to choose between the Nabisco Devil's Food and these cookies. Nine out of ten times, these won.
I'm sure they were available in the 50s, 60s, and probably the 70s.
They are definitely not Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich cookie.