Fried Clams in the Maritimes

Junior Burger
2003/10/04 17:28:03
Up beyond the turnpikes of New England lies Canada's mysterious east. Oddly, fried clams are not done so often or, generally speaking, nearly so well as the Maine, Ipswich and Rhode Island versions. Oh, as you swing towards Shediac new Brunswick near the bridge to PEI you will get a spate of places which, to my recall, were certainly first rate...three decades ago. The most famous is Gould's which clamoisseurs will not swoon over. BUT if you get as far as Halifax-Dartmouth, head on over the bridge across the harbour (that's how Canucks spell it) and out along Pleasant Street where you'll find "John's Lunch". That's the place folks for fried clams in Atlantic Canada.
RE: Fried Clams in the Maritimes 2003/10/15 18:31:14
"John's Lunch", eh?! Thanks for the tip! I love fried clams!

Any recommendations for Kennebunkport, Maine where I went to boarding school in grade nine?