Fans of Herr's Potato Chips

Junior Burger
2008/04/25 23:00:39
Living in Canada, the only way I can get Herr's chips is through mailaway and by going over to the US and find mom and pop stores that carry bags of them. I work for a Canadian grocery store and recently I couldnt believe my eyes when a shipment of Herr's chips came through the back door! We got Ragin Ranch, Salt and Vinegar, Plain, Heinz Ketchup and my favourite, Baby Back Ribs. I looked on the computer at work to see if we were going to be getting any of the other kinds in and found something very interesting out. Herr's produces some of our private label chips!?! If you are a fan of Herr's, you will have to get your hands on some of these flavours:

Buffalo Wing & Blue Cheese
General Tao Chicken
Szechuwan Chicken
Smokin' Stampede BBQ Rib

They are available at any Loblaws owned grocery store and are very inexpensive. $1.49 for a regular sized bag. Just thought you guys would like to know :)
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/04/25 23:21:14
Herr's Old Bay are the best, followed by Salt & Vinegar. The best S&V chips are Utz brand, and best BBQ are Utz Carolina BBQ!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/03 19:14:24
I don't normally post something so personal but the Pennsylvania-based Herr Foods is also a civically-minded entity in addition to being a producer of great snack products confirmed, at least to me, when I had the good fortune of meeting the company's Chairman, CEO and son of Herr Foods' founder, J.M. Herr... Washington, D.C. last week when he accepted an award for Herr at this year's[url='']National Fatherhood Initiative[/url] awards -- a nonprofit organization working to "engage fathers in the lives of their children."

Nice, low-key and modest guy.
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/03 19:46:11
I LOVE Herr's potato chips. They are my favorite over any brand. I used to live on Long Island and we had a Herr's outlet store. Me and my mom would go every month. We used to buy the snack size bags for like 7 bags for a dollar. They also carried tasty cake products which are hard to find on LI. The outlet store would also get new products first, so sometimes they would have some weir flavors. I have since moved to FL and Herr's are hard to find but within the last year, Walmart supercenter and Winn-Dixie have been carrying a few flavors.

My favorite flavors are

Steak & Worcestershire- sounds weird but they are so good


Honey BBQ

Baby Back Ribs

Honey Cheese curls- Cheese doodles that taste like Honey barbecue.
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/06 20:58:00
Happiness is a tour of the Herr's Factory and having chips right out of the fryer.
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/06 21:06:46
Herr's, IMHO, is second only to the great UTZ, which is always perfectly spiced. but when the Herr's are fresh, they are indeed delicious. but UTZ are the benchmark, imho... enjoy fb
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/29 11:09:09
Herr's are the best!! I was in Baltimore when I was first introduced to Herr's. I'm a bit of a potato chip snob that travels a lot and likes to taste the local regional chips. My faves are the Old Bay, regular, Blue chip, S&V, and like all the others too. I live in FL and it is difficult to find a place that carries them. Recently I found some at a Mobile gas station out in the boonies and bought every bag they had on hand. Since then I travel the 45 miles one way to stock up.
Junior Burger
RE: Fans of Herr's Potato Chips 2008/05/29 17:40:33
Now I find out that Herr's is also making our store-brand tortilla chips and they have Nacho, Ranch, Spicy Nacho, Habanero Salsa and are coming out with a Guacamole Lime one soon