if ever in Rosenberg, Tx

Junior Burger
2008/04/28 22:17:48
If you ever drive 59 through Rosenberg, Tx., jump off and try breakfast or lunch at Bob's Taco Stand on Hwy 90 (old downtown area). My favorites are the bacon, egg, and cheese taco (on homemade flour tortilla) and the carne guisado taco. There are two types of sauces, both good--the salsa for the chips and the one in the little bottle they bring for the tacos. The coffee is decent and you get unlimited refills on all drinks. It's a real mom, pop, and son institution set in old gas station that has been added on to over the years. Open for breakfast and lunch only; closes at 2.
I've never found a better breakfast taco, but I found a good contender in Austin last Sunday. Joe's Bakery has a very good bacon, egg, and cheese--a little different (at Bob's the ingredients are combined; at Joe's they are layered) but fluffy tender eggs and two or three strips of very crisp bacon made it oh so yummy.
Junior Burger
RE: if ever in Rosenberg, Tx 2008/04/29 09:11:52
I've heard about this place before. I live about 20 minutes away and may need to try it this week. Up until now, the best breakfast tacos I've had are from La Mexicana in Montrose. Thanks for the rec!