M&m's two shades?

Junior Burger
2008/04/29 18:01:10
Are there any fans of M&m's here? I greatly enjoy peanut M&m's. I noticed that there seems to be two different kinds of peanut M&m's. There are some that have a glossy type of bag and the M&m's them self seem glossier. And the yellow M&m's have a different shade of yellow. Does anyone know anything about M&m's and where they are made? I'd like to know if there are multiple factories that produce them or something.
RE: M&m's two shades? 2008/04/29 18:45:25
M&M colors change with the holidays like Christmas and Easter for instance. I don't go too much by the color or coating. They pretty much all taste the same to me. What is different is the insides. You can get peanut, almond, chocolate, peanut butter and even cherry. Now you can get milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I like the dark chocolate M&Ms and the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. I like to think the dark chocolate is healthier. That way I can justify eating them.
RE: M&m's two shades? 2008/05/07 11:18:06
I wish they made a dark chocolate M & M Almond...then I could justify the antioxidants in the dark chocolate plus all the healthiness of Almonds...but as far as I know...they don't...I did like the limited release mint crips...but they were a bit odd.