fave shrimp in Houston

Junior Burger
2008/05/02 22:38:11
I've been going to BBQ Inn in North Houston (Crosstimbers and Yale) for over 30 years. I think I've seen some of the same waitresses for just as long. The area is a bit seedy now, but the restaurant is well-kept. I hear the BBQ and the Chicken Fried Steak is good, but all I ever want is the fried shrimp. My mom always gets half 'n half (not on the menu, half oysters and half shrimp). You get an iceberg salad, the baked potato is served with the tray of help yourself condiments, and the bread is hot. If you have room, the pie is good too. I'm partial to the chocolate. Many times this has been my request for my birthday meal, no matter how far I had to drive.
RE: fave shrimp in Houston 2008/05/02 23:19:50
Sounds like a really good restaurant. I'll try it next time in Houston.