Today's roadfood entry

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/05/06 09:36:05
When my BF and I sailed down to the Key's in January, "The Buzzard's Roost" was the first place we actually got out of the boat to eat. We would both agree that this place has great food. Although I did not have the hogfish, I had a wonderful fried grouper sandwich and a couple of good cold beers, the potato salad was quite good too. My BF had a burger and the fresh fruit They have a couple of friendly "restaurant" cats that like to hang out with you if you eat outside. Although this may turn some people off it didn't bother me a bit. This also gave us a chance to excersise our "sea legs" and walk around the neighborhood in which the restaurant is in the back of, over to the conveinence store for some supplies(beer and junk food)and we purchased our ice at the marina. The people at the restaurant are very friendly as were the people we passed going in and out of the channel. We liked it so much we stopped back by on our way up to Miami. The only other place we ate off the boat was "Sundowners" which was further south. This is the place with the good Key Lime Martini's!