Goodburger Opens in Philly

Double Cheeseburger
2008/05/06 23:51:02
The New York mini-chain Goodburger has opened a location in Philadelphia (the owner of Pietro's, a pizza place with two locations in Center City is also involved). I know a number of people have written that their NYC locations have gone down hill, and I'm sure they're trying extra hard to impress in their first week (they opened Saturday). But I went for the first time tonight and was extremely happy with my burger. I asked for it medium and it was cooked perfectly, with a nice pink streak in the center and was nicely moist with a flame broiled flavor. I didn't ask how much a single weighs, but it looked and felt like it was around a 5-6 ounce patty, which is an ideal size IMO. I asked for it with just onion and pickles and added ketchup myself. The onions were very thinly sliced red onions, which I love.
I didn't have any fries, but did order a shake, which wasn't as impressive as the burger. The problem was that it wasn't thick enough, although I did overhear a woman behind the counter telling one of the younger employees to make the shakes thicker. I'll give them a pass this time on the thickness and see if they do better the next time I visit. And actually, I was a little disappointed to see that they don't use old-fashioned milkshake makers. They use regular, albeit very fancy looking blenders, which simply aren't as good for shakes IMO. And it was a pretty small shake considering they charge $5 for it (I had seen others mention that they're expensive, so I was prepared for that). If I wasn't such a milkshake fanatic, I'd probably skip them in the future. But I love the burger and shake combination and prefer to have them together.
Filet Mignon
RE: Goodburger Opens in Philly 2008/05/07 00:32:22
Thanks for the Goodburger report, phlmaestro.
I LOVED my burger the first time in NYC, but the 2nd time, it had no taste.

Definitely willing to try it again, though, espescially in that new Philly location...
plus it's closer for me, anyway... (although I'll even fly to Dallas for a good burger)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Goodburger Opens in Philly 2008/05/07 07:25:25
Where is it in PHL?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Goodburger Opens in Philly 2008/05/07 13:08:31
It's on the 1700 block of Chestnut St. in Center City.
sk bob
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Goodburger Opens in Philly 2008/05/16 21:07:30
$5.00 for a shake? Ihope it was 32oz.
you didn't say how much the burger was. probably over priced too.