Hershey doing a sales push

Filet Mignon
2008/05/12 13:24:01
At least here in the Northeast Hershey is putting their various brands on sale. CVS is selling them at 2 for a buck, and RiteAid, not to be beaten out is doing the regular size candy bars at 33 cents each. The Carmello bar and Rolo that I bought for 33 cents each, usually sell for 85 cents at RiteAid.

Food prices are up, as we have been talking about for the last few months, but I have also been seeing some good sales. In the past week I have also bought Duncin Hines cake mix for $1, and Angus beef tips (not sirloin but from flank steak, I think) for $1.49/lb. The steak came cut thin and after a 2 hour marinade was wonderful on the grill.
RE: Hershey doing a sales push 2008/05/12 20:56:05